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Mitch Robertson

Mitch  Robertson
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    Mitch Robertson is an individual who epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every aspect of a real estate transaction. Having grown up in London, he embarked on his first career in the trades as a residential/commercial Electrician at the age of 18. Over the course of more than 10 years, Mitch’s unwavering determination to learn and excel in the trade has endowed him with extensive experience and profound knowledge in custom home and commercial construction.

    In 2012, Mitch’s passion for real estate soared to new heights. Following the acquisition of several rental and personal properties, he made the decision to leverage his love for real estate to assist others in finding their ideal homes. Committed to meeting the needs, dreams, and desires of all his clients, Mitch consistently strives to deliver exceptional service. Above all else, he prioritizes the growth of his real estate business and endeavors to foster a positive community in London and its surrounding areas.

    During his downtime from assisting families in their home search, Mitch often finds solace in the company of his beloved wife and dog. With a fervent passion for staying active and embracing the outdoors, he can frequently be found on the golf course, ski hill, or engaging in any activity that allows him to relish the open air. Grateful for an incredible circle of friends, family, and community, Mitch takes great care in ensuring that all residents, whether local or new, feel a sense of belonging in the vibrant city of London.

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